Why Jesus Came to Earth

Jesus was in heaven together with God, but he saw that the people on earth needed help. Therefore, He decided to come down here and help us because He loves us so much and would like to be with us forever,


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Animation film: Why did Jesus Came to Earth ?


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    Start the gathering by sitting in a circle and greeting one another. A good tip is to greet all the children by name, either as they walk in the door or when you start the gathering. This makes them feel recognized and included, and then they will be more receptive.

    We also recommend that for this group of the youngest children, it´s a good idea to plan a regular program setup for the gathering. Something you always start with, then some regular sequences and finally a way of finishing up together. The content and specific activities can vary, but the fact that the children know the program and what to expect in the next few minutes often creates more rest and a good atmosphere.

    Suggestion for a program:

    1. Welcome

    2 minutes

    2. Short song – one they know well

    1 minute

    3. Film

    About 5 minutes

    4. Conversation, in which the children also get to think, ask and participate.

    Max 5 minutes

    5. Singing with actions, learn some fun moves

    2-3 minutes

    6. An activity

    Length depends on the type of activity, but also not too long.

    7. Thanks for today

    1 minute

    Total length excluding the activity

    Max 15 minutes

    More about the theme

    In this theme, the children will hear about Jesus’ love for us. He was up in heaven with God. He had everything he could wish for there, a whole kingdom of heaven with all the most amazing things you can imagine. But Jesus missed someone to share all the wonderful things with. He missed us.

    He looked down at the earth and saw that people were not happy. Many were sick, and they didn´t manage to be nice to each other. Therefore, he decided to leave everything in heaven, and come down here to earth to help us.

    Coloring sheet

    Feel free to use the coloring sheets and let the children draw during the activity. It’s nice to find an alternative for those kids who don’t like coloring. This could also be a game or some other physical activity.

    Questions for conversation

    1. Why do you think Jesus wanted to come to earth to help us?

    2. Why do you think Jesus loves everyone so much?

    3. How happy do you think Jesus will be when He sees that we want to choose the good?

    Songs that fit the theme:

    FMB 211: Joy, joy, joy!

    FMB 203: Though I’m small, but I long dear Lord

    “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

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