Jesus healed people

Jesus could really help the people he met. He healed the sick, comforted those who were sad and had hope for all who would believe in him. This is exactly what Jesus does today too.


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Animation film: Jesus healed people


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    More about the theme

    Jesus did many miracles while he was on earth. A miracle is something that is actually completely impossible, but that happens anyway, in a way something magical. Jesus had got power from God, so he could do miracles. Jesus could do anything, because the whole universe listened to him and did what he said. The people who lived in the days when Jesus was down here got to experience a lot of incredible things.

    But that’s actually the case today, too. Although Jesus is in heaven, he has just as much power to do miracles for us as he had at that time. When we just pray to him and believe, he always hears us.

    Maybe someone’s sick, or unhappy? Maybe someone’s scared? Jesus can help everyone, and he listens to everyone who prays to Him. But Jesus also always knows what’s best for us. Therefore, he doesn´t always do exactly what we ask him to do, because he may know that there is an even better way to help us. This is because Jesus doesn´t only think about today, he also knows what is coming tomorrow and in eternity, and He will do what is the very best for us.

    He loves it when we pray to him, so we can do that as often as we want. Nothing is too stupid to say to Jesus, he always understands how we feel. And he’s going to help us, because nothing’s impossible for him.

    Tips for Sunday School

    Start the gathering by sitting in a circle and greeting one another. A good tip is to greet all the children by name, either as they walk in the door or when you start the gathering. This makes them feel recognized and included, and then they will be more receptive.

    We also recommend that for this group of the youngest children, it´s a good idea to plan a regular program setup for the gathering. Something you always start with, then some regular sequences and finally a way of finishing up together. The content and specific activities can vary, but the fact that the children know the program and what to expect in the next few minutes often creates more rest and a good atmosphere.

    Suggestion for a program:

    1. Welcome

    2 minutes

    2. Short song – one that they know

    1 minute

    3. Film

    About 5 minutes

    4. Conversation, in which the children also get to think, ask and participate.

    Max 5 minutes

    5. Singing with actions, learn some fun moves

    2-3 minutes

    6. An activity

    Length depends on the type of activity, but this shouldn´t take too long either.

    7. Thanks for today

    1 minute

    Total length excluding the activity

    Max 15 minutes

    Coloring sheet

    Feel free to use the coloring sheets and let the children draw during the activity. For those kids who don’t like coloring, it’s nice to find an alternative. This can also be a game or a physical activity.


    1. Why do you think Jesus did miracles for people?

    2. What do you think it means that Jesus has all power in heaven and on earth?

    3. Why do you think Jesus will be so happy when we pray to Him?

    Bible verses that fit the theme

    Jesus heard it and said to the girl´s father, “Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.” Luke 8:50

    “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isa. 41:10

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